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My #1 Pick for a Facial Cleanser

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So all of you that have been following me know that I have become a fan of Trader Joe’s and their great products but I have recently started trying their non-food products. I never really paid any attention to their beauty products until I had found their Pumpkin Body Butter which opened my eyes to their beauty line. 

I was on the hunt for a new facial cleanser that would be more compatible with Clarisonic type of devices and thought that it would be interesting to try this all-in-one cleanser created for and distributed by Trader Joe’s. It is dermatologist formulated and so I felt comfortable that it wouldn’t harm my skin. Plus it is not tested on animals, a huge plus!

This all-in-one facial cleanser not only cleanses the skin but it also exfoliates it and it is rich in antioxidants. The formula used for the cleanser is also tearless. All of which made this cleanser sound enduring and sounded perfect for my needs. 

I decided to try the cleanser without the Clarisonic first to see how my skin responded to it. I was extremely pleased how it gently cleansed my skin while at the same time it does exfoliate the skin. There are no beads, grit or any substance in it that would make it feel like it’s exfoliating my skin but it did. My skin was smooth, soft and clean after using it.

I thought since the cleanser passed the test of gently cleansing my skin I tested it with the Clarisonic device next. I tested it first by applying it to my face then using the device. It suds up a bit but not a whole lot. It caused a little friction with my skin since there wasn’t much of a barrier between my skin and the device.

Then I tested it by applying the cleanser to the Clarisonic first then used it to clean my face. It created lots of suds while at the same time there was no friction between the Clarisonic and my skin. Ding, Ding, Ding! I found a winner! I finally found a cleanser with a gentle enough formula that it does not irritate my sensitive skin yet it exfoliates all the dead skin away, it doesn’t cause any friction between the Clarisonic and my skin and it doesn’t irritate my eyes when some accidentally gets inside them. This is by far the best cleanser I have found! Who would’ve thought it would be from Trader Joe’s?

The cleanser has the consistency of a thinner gel like substance. There is no scent to it but it’s quite gentle on my skin. It has not once irritated my skin, never made it red, dry, itchy, nor oily. It’s gentle enough to use daily without drying out my skin.

The easy to use pump, deposits just the perfect amount needed to cleanse my face. I only need one pump to clean my face whether I choose to use the Clarisonic or not. 

I highly recommend the cleanser and am thrilled that I have finally found a cleanser that effectively works and checks all the boxes of the qualities that I had been looking for in a facial cleanser!

Trader Joe’s sells the 8.45oz bottle for $5.99. 

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