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Must Read Before Purchasing Chalk Markers by Java Chalk

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I was really excited about trying the metallic chalk markers since I hadn’t seen the metallic chalk before. I loved the colors. They each had a really pretty bold color to each of them. Each color had a pretty sparkle, pearl-like look, which made them incredibly different from all the other chalk markers, I had used in the past.

Note: I received the chalk markers at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review. 

The problem I have with these markers and it’s a big problem because I have not been able to erase the chalk from the markers. I have tried to use the markers on several different chalk surfaces including chalkboard labels and was extremely disappointed when I found that the markers are permanent. Once the chalkboard paint is on the surface it’s not coming off. I wish I had known that prior to using the so-called “chalk” markers because I wouldn’t have ruined my labels and such. I tried the markers with several different types of labels along with different nonporous surfaces thinking it was just a particular brand or surface and unfortunately, I learned the hard way that the markers are not erasable. I tried over and over and have ruined several surfaces. I believed that these markers were like all the other chalkboard markers where they can be erased with a damp cloth and that is not true with this set. It was literally less than 2 minutes after applying the colors to the surfaces and the color still could not be erased. It’s not “easy wipe” as claimed in the description. Once the paint is dry, it is permanent and unable to be removed. The color is set on the surface.
It’s hard for me to like these markers because now several different surfaces are ruined and need to be replaced, which does not make me happy. I’m just glad that I didn’t try it on the windows as suggested on the box because if I had I would’ve been in a real predicament. If the markers are used on items that you don’t mind are permanent then this set is great but if you’re expecting to erase them or intending to reuse a chalkboard surface then you will be highly disappointed as I am.  
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