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Must Have or Pass on Goody’s Quick Drying Comb?

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Who isn’t looking for a new comb or brush that makes getting ready a little faster and even a little less painful? I always wonder how accurate the claims made by companies really are when it comes to combs and brushes drying hair faster. So when I saw this particular comb, made by Goody and sold at Hollar.com, claim just that it got my attention
First Impression
My first impressions of it when it arrived was it looks like every other comb. It didn’t feel any different and other than having a double row of teeth and a hook on the end of the handle it didn’t look any different either. It’s like most combs, it’s made of a thick and durable plastic.
Is it a quick drying comb or a detangling comb?
I couldn’t wait to use it on my wet hair to see if it really speeds up the drying process. So the time had come to test the product on my wet hair and I found that it may have in fact sped up the drying process slightly. One thing that I did notice above all was that it is great at detangling my hair. The double row of teeth must be the trick to the great efficiency of detangling my hair without any effort. It combed right through my hair without getting hung up on any tangles. I haven’t had this much ease at combing out my hair especially wet hair in years!
I was never a big believer in using combs to comb out my hair. I much rather use a brush but after using the comb I have not gone back to using brushes. I still love my brush but I reach for this comb when my hair is wet and tangled.
I had not seen this comb before finding it on Hollar and that’s probably because other people have found out that this is a great comb! It would be great to use on the kiddos hair too since it cuts down on those painful tangles.
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?
Goody tends to make good hair accessories and this comb is no different. It is a quality comb that does help to speed up the hair styling process but I’m not 100% sold on the claim that the comb helps to speed up the drying process on my hair. It does consistently help detangle my hair which I love!


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