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LectroFan: White Noise Machine- A Must or Bust?

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I was looking for a white noise machine because the one I was using by HoMedics was making funny noises and instead of helping me sleep it was keeping me awake. Then I switched to using an app on my phone but that started closing sporadically during the night which would again wake me up. So after a long and thorough search, I decided to try this one by LectroFan.
After just one night of use, I found that I was sleeping not only deeper but I was sleeping longer. There are 20 different sounds total. There are 10 sounds in the fan category and 10 sounds under the white noise category. The fan category has 10 different pitches to choose from, these tones tend to be higher pitched while the white noise category has 10 deeper toned pitches. The tones are similar but there are distinct differences in each tone, so testing each one would be helpful in order to find the best one for you. The fan sounds and the white noises do a fantastic job at drowning out other noises in the room or even outside the room.

The entire top of the white noise machine is a speaker which is different from the previous one I had owned. A lot more noise is emitted from this sound machine than my previous ones. I was used to a small little round speaker or my phone speaker, which both fail in comparison to the white noise that comes from this one. I was not prepared for how much the noise will carry outside of my room. I have learned that finding the correct volume level for your personal circumstances is best.
The machine does have a timer on it that may be increased in 60-minute increments so if you want it to turn off after a set amount of time, you just need to push the button that many times. I choose to let it run throughout the night as to not disturb my sleep. I have not used the timer feature but I do appreciate that I have that option if I choose to use it.
The sound machine is on the smaller side and fits perfectly on a nightstand, counter top, bookcase, small table or desktop. The machine measures to be 2.5 inches(H)x 5 inches (L)x 4 inches(W). Since the machine is a heptagon, the one side can fit flesh against the wall, which helps to preserve even more space on the counter. Don’t be apprehensive because of the size of the machine because this little machine can produce a high volume sound.The power source is pure electricity, there is no option for batteries. This isn’t normally a problem however when the power goes out the settings become reset because there is no battery backup. It’s only been a problem for me once, but if you want to use this when traveling it can become a real problem. I would like to see this machine include a battery backup option. The cord that comes with the machine is not super long so it would be a great idea to find a place near an outlet or an extension cord will be needed to get the most out of the machine.
There is a color option for the machine. It comes in black or white. I chose the black one and I’m very satisfied with the color.
Overall after a week of use, I am very happy with the white noise machine. If you’re looking for the other sounds such as waves, rain, or nature this machine is not for you but if you’re like me who has grown accustomed to the white noise sound then this machine is perfect! I love it and am so glad that I found this one.
The machine is a bit on the pricey end but it appears to be dependable and does get the job done. The manufacturer does provide a warranty and from what I’ve seen they stand behind their product and will work with the customer if they’re not satisfied. I haven’t personally contacted them so I can’t speak personally to how accommodating they are and I hope that I won’t have to either. I have registered my product with the company in case there happen to be any problems in the future.
I would have rated this product a 5, however, the price is steep. I consider this an investment instead of a “toy”. If the white noise machine was less expensive I would’ve rated it a 5.
Update: After a couple months of use I can confidently say that this noise machine is wonderful! I have a noisy metal rain gutter directly on the other side of my bedroom wall and even with earplugs I, could hear the terrible banging of rain hitting it. I put the noise machine on during the recent rain storms and I never heard it once during the night! We have also experienced horrible winds lately and I normally would have heard branches banging against the house, not anymore! I have not heard any banging since using the noise machine. This machine does wonders for my sleeping. I love this machine and can’t believe that I suffered as long as I did with cheaper and less effective noise machines. Even though I do believe it’s on the expensive end of the spectrum, it’s a quality white noise machine. The longer I use the machine I realize that it’s worth every penny. The price is steep but a good night’s sleep is priceless. It’s worth the money and investment!

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