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Learn the Best Way to Use the Sports Towels by MegaLoveMart

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Looking for a reliable microfiber towel to use at the gym? Thinking about buying a cooling towel for the kids for summer sports? This towel might be helpful to you.

Note: I received this set of towels for free in exchange for an unbiased review. 

The first thing I noticed about the towels is that they are bright, vibrant blue and very soft. I did follow the directions and washed them prior to using them. The thought of wiping blue dye all over myself and turning into a Smurf didn’t thrill me. So it was best to wash them first and it was a good thing that I had because the color catcher that I threw in with the wash was a very bright colored blue. I can only imagine what my laundry would have looked like if I took the chance of washing them with other items-YIKES! It would not have been good. I don’t know if they were as soft as they were prior to washing them but they still felt nice.

I primarily use the towel as a cool down method. I usually use it as a cooling towel for when I’m walking in the heat. It’s crazy how to see how wetting a towel with cold water helps to keep me cooler as I workout in the heat.

I have on occasion used it as a workout towel to absorb sweat and it’s amazing how well it absorbs all liquid. It’s a nice little towel that I like to keep with me in the car so when I workout I can use it to wipe down any equipment.

It’s not a large towel but at 15×24 it’s a nice small towel to carry around with me especially when going to the gym. I still prefer to use it as a cooling towel. This set towels would also be great to use with the kids when they’re playing sports in the heat. It would be very easy to wet the towels and place them on their necks while they’re sitting in the sun or after they’ve finished playing sports.

I have found that it is quite handy to use when working in the yard or while gardening. When it’s hot out, it provides a great way to keep the body temperature down which prevents any overheating. 

The set of sports towels are reasonably priced at $6 considering the different ways these towels can be used to make our lives a little easier. They can be a bit high maintenance since they are suede and are known to shed. I haven’t had a problem with them shedding but it’s important to follow the care instructions that come with the towels or you could find yourself with towels that aren’t very absorbent anymore. 

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