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Jumping for Joy After Finding This Kitchen Gadget from Joyfor

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Everyone can relate to struggling to open those stubborn jar lids. Unfortunately, not everyone has a strong man to open those darn jars for them. So what is a girl to do, when she’s in the middle of cooking a meal to find that she can’t open a jar with the much-needed ingredient inside it? She searches until she finds a gadget that makes opening a jar lid easy as pie.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried everything to find something that is easy to use and that is reliable. I had tried using towels, banging the lid against the counter, using rubber bands, and even used small rubber mats to grip the lid to open it. Yet nothing I tried was the solution to the ongoing problem until I found this gadget by Joyfor.

I never knew how easy it could be to open a jar until I tried this very necessary kitchen gadget. I love that there are slots to open four different sized jars lids. The rubber grips are thick and fit very snuggly onto the lids. The non-slip surface grips onto plastic and metal lids alike without any problems. I haven’t had one lid slip while opening the jar. Once the opener is attached it stays put until I remove it from the lid. The outside of the opener is ergonomically designed for your fingers to fit inside the grooves for a better grip. The flexible yet durable plastic opener is a reliable accessory for the kitchen.

It’s very easy to place the opener around the lid of the jar or bottle. Spread apart the ends of the opener and place the appropriate sized slot around the lid, squeeze the ends of the opener together and twist. The lid pops open and the food is ready to cook. It does not take a lot of strength to twist the lid to open it, it’s pretty effortless. You might wonder if the gadget makes it awkward to open the lid or if it puts stress on the wrist and the answer is no. The gadget is basically an extension of the lid, a slight twist and it’s opened. It would make a great accessory for the elderly or for those with arthritis because it takes the struggle out of gripping and opening lids.

The gadget does come in multiple colors such as blue (as seen above), red, green and yellow. I personally like the blue one because it’s bright and makes it easy to find in the drawer. 

The gadget is very affordably priced at under $5 on Amazon. At that price the gadget pays for itself after only a couple of uses. Plus the absence of struggling to open lids is priceless. 

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