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Is the Deep Muscle Essential Oil for You?

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 At $10 for a 10ml bottle, I expected this oil to be as great as the other Plant Guru essential oils. I am a fan of the oils that Plant Guru sells but this “Deep Muscle” essential oil is not one of my favorites.

Note: I received the oil for free in exchange for an unbiased review.

I have used this particular oil as I have with the rest of my collection. I apply a couple drops into my oil diffuser and if I want a stronger scent to help clear my sinuses (when my allergies are acting up) I tend to put in between 3-4 drops. If I want just a fresh, clean, lighter scent then I’ll use between 1-2 drops of the oil.
I tend to favor more of the peppermint and wintergreen scents than I do the eucalyptus and camphor that are also included in the mixture of this oil.
I know that the name of oil is deep muscle but I have not used the oil on my body. So I can’t speak to how well this oil may relief achy or hurting muscles. I am always weary about applying anything to my skin since I have sensitive skin. I am unsure of what type of reactions my skin may have if applied to it.
The oil is packaged in a brown bottle to preserve the integrity of the oil. It has a dropper insert that is built into the bottle in order to regulate the amount of oil that is dispersed at any one time. I have found that the stopper is great and it consistently releases one drop at a time. I never have to worry about dispersing too many drops and accidentally wasting the product.
The oil is like all other essential oils I have tried. The quality seems to be high however it doesn’t stand out to me. It’s not my favorite scent so I tend to not use this scent as often as I use others from this collection. I actually prefer other scents from this company to this particular one. If you enjoy the scent of eucalyptus, wintergreen, spearmint, and camphor than this oil may be more enjoyable to you.
If you’re interested in trying the essential oil, you can find it at Amazon
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