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Crayola’s Glitter Markers Produce Disappointing Results

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There is something special about getting a new Crayola product. It takes me back to my school days when I’d got a brand new box of crayons. Now as an adult there is still something fun about getting a brand new box of some type of Crayola product. When purchasing a Crayola product, you automatically know that the product will be fun and easy to use. 

I had never seen the glitter markers before so I was excited to give them a try. There are 6 markers in the package. Each color is different from the others, each providing an unique touch to an art project. The colors included in the package are: Fire Flecks (red), Gold Medal (orangey yellow), Emerald Zest (green), Blue Blazes (blue), Violet Glitz (purple), Silver Sparks (silver). 

The glitter markers are used like regular markers yet they are unique because they need to be shaken in order to get the ink flowing well. They are similar to paint markers in that aspect. It is recommended that the marker tips are quickly pumped before using them to assure ink flow. The tips are rounded not pointed like traditional markers. They do tend to bleed through paper so be cautious of the type of paper that you use. They are quick drying so there is no worries about it rubbing off on clothing however when I brushed my fingers over the dried ink, glitter does rub off onto my fingers. 

The colors are more pastel in color than bright and bold. They are pretty colors and most colors are very easy to write with or color with. Despite the pens having rounded tips, they can easily be used to write notes without the ink bleeding together. 

Like most other Crayola products the markers are nontoxic. A common question that parents have about this set is whether or not the ink from the markers are easy to get out of clothing. The quick answer is no. They are not washable markers and may stain clothing so be cautious when using them. Not advisable for any child under 3 and I’d suggest supervision by adults as to try to prevent any of the ink getting on clothing or other surfaces. 

Out of all of the colors there are a few duds. The green despite a lot of pumping and shaking just did not pump a lot of ink to the tip. It is like writing with a pen that is running out of ink and you have to keep going over the writing attempting to make it legible. The purple one is also a bit choppy in writing. Sometimes it works and other times it needs more pumping and shaking than others to get an even flow of ink to the tip. The inconsistency of the ink flow can be annoying when using those markers to write even one word. It’s a bit disappointing that the markers don’t perform consistently. It takes some of the fun out of the experience of using the markers. The silver color is pretty light, unless you get the color in the right light it is almost invisible. It would’ve been nice if the silver was a bit darker so it can easily be seen like the other colors.

Overall for the price ($4.99 at Target) I would not recommend the markers. Yes, they’re pretty but since not all the markers work the way they should it doesn’t warrant the money. 

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  1. Charlene says:

    Thanks for the information, I won't be buying these for my grandchildren. Looking forward to more comments from you.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Glad that my review was helpful! 🙂

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