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Why You May Have to Pass on Aveeno Foaming Cleanser if Using a Clarisonic Type of Device

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 I was on the search for a gentle cleanser that not only was gentle on my skin but was also affordable so I chose to try this foaming cleanser by Aveeno.

The cleanser is ultra gentle on my skin and tends to calm any redness in my skin. After using the cleanser for about a week I noticed that my skin was a lot less red than it had been previously. It’s not greasy at all and leaves my skin feeling very clean and fresh. It does a great job of cleansing my skin without causing any breakouts or drying out my skin. Having combination skin, this product tends to be complementary to this skin type.


The “foam” is not a very thick foam, it’s very light and airy. When I apply it to my face the foam tends to blend into my skin without leaving a foamy layer. Once applied to my skin, there is no sign of any foam. It’s not a bad thing, however, it is a lot less foamy than other cleansers I have tried.

Use with Clarisonic Devices

When I tried using this cleanser with my “Clarisonic” device this cleanser is not very good. The “foam” disintegrates leaving the brush literally rubbing against raw skin. I would not recommend using the foam with an electric cleansing device because it just does not provide enough of barrier between the device and my skin. I’ve tried applying the cleanser onto the skin prior to using the device and it produces the same result as when I applied the foam to the device itself. It just does not have enough substance to create a non-abrasive barrier between the brush and the skin. The Aveeno cleansing foam is better suited to be used by itself and not with an electric device.

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