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A Little Hidden Gem at Trader Joe’s: Pumpkin Body Butter

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Wow! This is a nice hidden gem from Trader Joe’s. They sell body butter throughout the year but this pumpkin version is a seasonal item often found only during the fall months. I happen to have found it when flipping through their flyer and couldn’t wait to try it!I love pretty much anything pumpkin and this body butter is amazing! When I opened the lid, the scent of pumpkin fills the air. It smells so good! The body butter contains coconut oil, shea butter, and pumpkin seed oil. Each ingredient is super soothing to dry skin both in the fall and winter months. It has a very rich pumpkin scent that doesn’t fade once applied to my skin, unlike some other body creams.


The body butter is extra creamy and thick but it blends beautifully into my skin without any greasy residue. It locks in the moisture while at the same time it smells so amazing! I have found a little bit goes a long way. I have used about a finger tip worth of the product at a time as to not apply too much product at a time.


My skin was silky smooth after applying it just once. I have to admit I’m not the best about applying it every day. So if this product is able to provide such hydration after just one application, I’m thrilled. I have only tried applying the body butter to dry skin so I can’t speak to whether or not it absorbs into the wet skin as well as it does when it’s applied to dry skin.


The product is not tested on animals and is cruelty-free. The body butter is also paraben free. This vegan product is exclusively distributed and sold by Trader Joe’s.

I love this pumpkin scented body butter! I would recommend this body butter to anyone who loves pumpkin scented products because it smells incredible while at the same time hydrating dry skin.

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