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4 Reasons to Avoid Purchasing Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Primer

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What must a good primer do to make it an essential part of a makeup routine? It should provide a good base for your foundation (help your makeup look smoother) and it should help your makeup last longer. So given the two most important criteria how does the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer stack up?

The Lasting Finish Primer from Rimmel comes in a 1 oz tube. The first time that I used the tube I expected it to come squirting out but it didn’t, I had to give the tube a pretty good squeeze before the product came out. It’s not because the primer is terribly thick, it felt more like it was a half empty tube. What should be a 1oz bottle is really a 1/2 an ounce at best.

The primer is a light, creamy, white/clear cream. It blends into the skin easily and is not the least bit greasy. The fact that it’s not greasy surprised me because the E.L.F. brand I tried was very greasy and led to breakouts. The primer should’ve created a very fine layer across the skin that would prevent foundation and concealer from settling into the creases around the eyes. However it didn’t create any type of layer. I felt like it was more of a cream that I applied to my face as opposed to a primer. 

As far as lasting 8 plus hours as stated on the packaging it did not appear to last 7 hours let alone 8 plus hours. As I approached the 8 hour mark my makeup had faded and it didn’t look like I had applied any primer in the first place. When comparing how my makeup looked with the primer to how it it looked without the primer I did not see any difference. 

I will say as light as the primer felt when applying it, it did not feel that way while wearing it. My face felt heavy as though I had a lot of makeup caked on my face. I had not felt that way with other primers that I have tried. It didn’t cause my skin to break out so that was a plus.

With all things considered I’d say it’s a below average “primer”. 1) I dislike the thick, heavy feeling that I had while wearing it. 2) I did not see any difference in how my makeup looked after it was applied. 3) The primer did not make it 8 plus hours as advertised. 4) The primer may be packaged in a 1 oz tube but it certainly feels as though it’s closer to 1/2 an once of product. Considering a 1 oz tube costs over $4 at Target, I must have had too high of expectations for the primer. 


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