The Benefits of Being a Target REDcard Holder

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Did you know that Target’s REDcard will save you money EVERY TIME you shop? But that’s not all! Target has added more benefits to being a REDcard member. If another credit card isn’t what you are looking for then the good news is that they also have the option of a debit card. Keep reading to find out about the benefits of being a REDcard card holder. Especially since we have officially begun our holiday shopping.  Read More

Decorating for Christmas On A Dime

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One of the fun things about the holidays is decorating the house. But to be honest decorating can be expensive. By the time you get a tree, buy ornaments, purchase other decor for both the inside and outside of your house it can really add up. Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. Just check out the great finds I found at the Dollar Tree! Yes, the Dollar Tree, who said decorating had to be expensive? Read More

Tips for Saving Money During Holiday Shopping

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Holiday Money Saving Tips


Holidays can be a stressful time. We often feel as though we are being pulled in more directions than we usually are with extra shopping, gift wrapping, and holiday parties. Perhaps we have more money going out than coming in and not to mention gathering with relatives that we only see once a year. But with a few handy tips, shopping can be less stressful and you can actually have money left in your wallet when the holidays are over (more money than you may have had in the past). Allow more savings and less stress be the name of the game this holiday season.

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**12 Days of Giveaways- Win a Gift Card Every Weekday**

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It’s almost the holiday season. We are beginning our holiday shopping along with starting our gift lists. What could possibly sound better than a giveaway?

Starting today and through Tuesday, November 21st you can enter to win a different gift card every weekday. Have I grabbed your interest yet? How does a $250 gift card sound? Do I have your attention yet? How do the following stores sound to you? Macy’s? Old Navy? Gap? Home Depot? Overstock? Hewlett Packard? Those are just a few of the stores you have a chance to win a gift card from in the next 12 days! Read More

Price Matching Made Easy: Save Money This Holiday Season

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price matching

Everyone wants to get a good deal and why not? Stores are competing for sales during the holidays. They will even price match to guarantee that you will give them a sale over their competitors. This holiday season can end up saving you more money than you expect by implementing price matching at your favorite stores.

You can find many stores and details of their policies below. I’ve gathered all the details for you to help save you both time and money this holiday season. Read More